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Kalmoesfontein is a proper animal farm - although wine is our thing, we have plenty of furry and feathered friends.

Get your kids to explore with the treasure map and see if they can spot all of these:
*3 large resident farm dogs: Appel (Bouvier x Great Dane…..yes she is the biggest dog you’ve ever seen),
Janis and Steen (both territorial German Shepherds) 
*2 cats (officially...)
*2 pigs, Freda & Tjoppie (biiiig pigs)
*2 Percheron horses, Jan (white) & Basjan (dappled grey)
*1 Pony (small horse) called Poon
*countless white bunnies... 
*lots of parrots (can view a few of them in the avery behind the Winemakers Cottage's pool)
*plenty of free-range chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, peacocks, geese and ducks. 

See the small animal booklet in your accommodation for more info and fun stories.

If you want to bring your dog to the farm please note that only The Stables can accommodate furry friends, and make sure to