Our Pet-Friendly Policy:

We know no getaway is quite the same without your furry best friend - so we do permit your pet to accompany you when staying at the Stables Cottage. The surrounding Paardeberg area is mostly doggie friendly but you should keep them leashed and be aware that our neighbours have sheep, lambs, cattle and horses.

Please respect the following conditions if you do bring a pet to the farm:
Kalmoesfontein is a proper animal farm - although wine is our thing, we have plenty of furry and feathered friends of our own. We therefore politely request that your dog(s) be leashed at all times when outside of your enclosed cottage area.

Get your kids to explore with the treasure map and see if they can spot all of these:
*3 large resident farm dogs: Appel (Bouvier x Great Dane…..yes she is the biggest dog you’ve ever seen),
Janis and Steen (both territorial German Shepherds) 
*2 cats (officially...)
*2 pigs, Freda & Tjoppie (biiiig pigs)
*2 Percheron horses, Jan (white) & Basjan (dappled grey)
*1 Pony (small horse) called Poon
*countless white bunnies... 
*lots of parrots (can view a few of them in the avery behind the Winemakers Cottage's pool)
*plenty of free-range chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, peacocks, geese and ducks. 


Please provide Semma with details of your pet when making your booking and carefully consider whether your pet is suitable to bring to the farm (nothing ruins a relaxing break like chewed up furniture or constant barking or dead chickens or rabbits…)

Depending on the size and type of pet, a maximum of 1 large / medium pet or 2 small pets may be accommodated.


Please bring all the supplies you need to look after your pet for the duration of your stay (like their own bed, blanket, towels, food, bowls and toys. Remember the poop scoop bags, your dog’s lead, collar and any other essentials, such as medication.

Please do not wash your dog in the cottage. There is an outside hose (cold water) should you want to rinse off muddy paws. Please bring your own doggie towel.

Please clear away your pet’s “poops”. There is lots of ‘toilet’ space for them on the open veld behind the cottage towards the Bos.

Please do not leave your pet unattended in the cottage at any time. It is very disturbing to us all when they frantically miss you.


Pets must be house trained and are not allowed on the furniture and beds.


Pets must be vaccinated and be worm, tick and flea free.


Please understand that you bring your pets onto our premises at your own risk. There is no damage deposit required but you will be held accountable to cover any costs if doggy damage is occurred.